Giada, call me. Bacci.

Hi!  I know you haven’t heard from me in a while.  It’s been pretty crazy around here and I just haven’t had the time to write like I did before.  The snow in the South a couple of weeks back meant that pre-k was cancelled for almost a week and that always sets me behind.  And in a cost cutting effort, we also had to let go of our sitter so I’m finding that I need to squeeze my consulting work, writing, errands, bill paying, chores, building a house, and saving the bees (more about that later) into a much smaller chunk of child-free time.  Moms, I’m sure you can agree with me here.  Isn’t it always the case that when you finally feel like you’ve got your routine somewhat well managed, something happens to throw it off and you’re back to scrambling like a hamster on a wheel?

Right now Miss Fancy Pants and I just finished practicing her letters- tracing Montessori sandpaper letters with her finger and writing letters on paper. Now she’s spelling “words” with the sandpaper letters as I type.  Her pre-k teacher actually suggested that I stop practicing at home with her, at least on the days she has pre-k, because apparently MFP has informed her teacher that she doesn’t need to work on her letters at school because she does them at home.  Where did I get this child?  Seriously.  I used to cower in fear when teachers told me to complete a task.  Meanwhile, my spirited child is trying to guide the curriculum.  I’ve got to nip this or we’re in trouble.  Despite MFP’s precocious verbal ability, her fine-motor skills (when it comes to writing) are simian-like.  Which, when you’ve been dealing with a child who has hit all her developmental milestones months (and even years) ahead of schedule, is a little dose of reality.  At least for my husband, who would have her doing calculus and speaking Mandarin Chinese by age four.

As an aside, while I’m happy to help her with homework and glad that she’s being exposed to pre-writing and reading skills, shouldn’t 3-yr-olds be running around wild and free in the outdoors, exploring, gathering worms, getting skinned knees, and eating dirt?  It seems that so much of childhood is lost nowadays to ever increasing amounts of competition amongst children, fostered by well-meaning parents and societal expectations.  I’m not sure where the balance is, but I’m going to do some research and let you know in an upcoming blog post.

My sister suggested that I supplement my blog with Youtube videos of me cooking healthful recipes, either with or without MFP.  What do you all think?  If anything, it would make for a good laugh.  I told her I’d have to lose a few pounds first since the camera adds, like what, ten pounds?  Right?  But at least you know that I eat my own cooking.  I look well fed.  Never trust a skinny chef.  My nonna doesn’t care for Giada, I’m pretty sure (in part) because she’s too skinny.  I love Giada’s recipes and her daughter, Jade, is adorable.  I don’t think Giada is one of my readers, but I just want to make sure she knows that my grandmother’s views on the topic differ from my own.  Hey Giada, let’s do lunch.  Call me.  Bacci.


Well, it’s time for me to get MFP’s to sleep so that I can kick back and watch “The Bachelor”.  This season has been a huge disappointment for me.  Juan Pablo, it seems, is only just a pretty face, which is now less so because of his less than desirable personality.  But it’s still a nice, mindless escape from reality so I will continue to indulge in my guilty pleasure.  And it’s less fattening than the box of leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates that I’d like to devour right now.  Good night!


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    Abby March 4, 2014

    Yes! Healthy kid friendly
    recipes would be great :)

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    Judi C March 4, 2014

    I don’t do a lot of “practice” with the boys at home. Cain’s teacher sends home practice worksheets and they like to do those. I even asked her to send an extra copy for Quinn. At 3.5 he is not as far along as Cain is at 4.5 but he tries. They are working on pre-writing in his class as well, which is mostly 2 year olds. They do Large letters and numbers (whole page), while Cain’s class, mostly 3 year olds, are working on more normal size writing. I did see some paintings in the hall way this morning. You can clearly tell Cain is the oldest in the class. His was the only painting that contained an actual image, a giant head with arms and legs, which he said was me. All the others were just blobs of color.

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